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Young-dogs implemented Headless Commerce framework on a multi-store Magento 2 installation. is eCommerse seller based in the Netherlands. Young-dogs team developed it using Headless Commerce principles and React JS technology.

Magento2 multi-store environment with Headless Commerce store front. is a Headless Commerce store based in the Netherlands. Young-Dogs have transitioned this store from Magento1 to Magento2 multi-store environment based on the React JS and Headless Commerce using as middle wear.  This provides Light speed shopper experience and lower loads on the hardware.

React JS framework uses shoppers browser to render all the content instead of having it rendered and then sent to the user. This approach improves stores speed multiple times.

Headless Commerce allows saving valuable server resources, thus providing improved performance for store managers using the Magento 2 backend. is providing products to all public, from individuals to enterprise. This comes with its challenges. In order to meet all the requirements, our team developed a custom product configurator to meet all the needs and provide the shutters of all sizes. The only thing the shopper needs to know are the sizes, the rest he can choose using Young-Dogs developed configurator.

After the order gets placed, another custom workflow is being automatically trigger, so all the order data goes directly to the manufacturer and the construction begins. This process saves the a lot of valuable time, that they can spend attending to other business needs.

This project was a gradual migration from Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 and then LightrCommerce Headless frontend implementation. The site went from 3-5s loading times with various technologies (let's admit, 3-5s loading time for Magento is quite good) to under 1s loading times and app like behavior with all the modern features, such as:

  • Install to Desktop or mobile
  • Offline shopping
  • and more...

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know more.

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