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LightrCommerce Headless Commerce implementation on Magento2 backend. DonPersiana is roller shutter seller for Spanish market. Development based on React JS framework and headless commerce approach.

Headless Commerce Magento2 project. DonPersiana is eCommerce seller from Spain. This eCommerce store was developed using React JS framework in order to keep it secure, and the Headless commerce approach was chosen to save resources. Headless approach also provided better experience for the buyer and the seller. The buyer got a better and faster buying experience, and the seller got a better performing backend for day to day operations. Win-win for all.

DonPersiana sells shutters of all shapes and sizes, this was the main challenge as it required special functionality that was not available on the market. Thus, we took the challenge and we mixed React JS, Headless commerce principals and Magento2 platform to create a special configurator where the customer could define all their needs. This also needed to be streamlined, so the ordering part was only one part of the deal. In this case, we implemented a direct connection with the manufacturer and all the data provided by the buyer is automatically sent to the factory, providing better experience and faster delivery to the buyer.

This project was a gradual migration from Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 and then LightrCommerce Headless frontend implementation. The site went from 3-5s loading times with various technologies (let's admit, 3-5s loading time for Magento is quite good) to under 1s loading times and app like behavior with all the modern features, such as:  

  • Push notifications
  • Install to Desktop or mobile
  • Offline shopping
  • and more...

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Donpersiana Headless Commerce Magento2 store

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