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Online Business Plan

We help you make the right decisions for your organization.

Starting a digitalization project is difficult enough. Let alone how to approach and execute it. Young-dogs does internal and external research and thus maps out the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. In combination with the internet trends and media we follow, we can offer you a clear and efficient business plan.

If required, the business plan can be supplemented with a media strategy and advertising campaign proposal for immediate action.

System integration

It is quite normal that you do not understand what the ICT supplier is talking about.

You are implementing a new ICT system in your company, but you lack the right knowledge and jargon. Young-dogs helps you get a grip on your costly investment. Young-dogs has 15 years of experience in implementing large and complex ICT systems and applications.

Request for proposal (RFP) definition

We guide you through your digital transition step by step.

The digitization process of an organization starts with the mapping of parts that qualify for digitization. From there, the process is documented.

From the documented part, improvements and changes are defined that are desired or necessary for a successful implementation of a digitization project.

If the definitions are complete, Young-dogs defines an RFP (request for proposal) together with the client. This contains all the actions and requirements that must lead to the final result. Several providers will be involved at this stage so the project can be benchmarked.

All providers will send a proposal with a detailed interpretation of which requirements are and which are not directly possible from the software solution. Based on this, Young-dogs can make a recommendation to the client on the best suitable party for the project.


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