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Full stack web development

Our team consists of specialists who have web in their DNA. All disciplines for making beautiful web developments. Our full stack development is used for all popular website packages, webshops or applications.

We offer professionals with experience in web development. By combining individual experience and knowledge of our team members, this team is capable of programming from simple to very complex web environments to a very high level.

Full stack, rightly so!

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Our team offers support for version 5.4 and higher
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All our new developments are programmed with React.
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Experienced an advanced development
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The standard output code used to write the structure of the visual part of the Internet. All existing variants such as, for example, Xhtml, strict or HTML5 are supported
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Experienced an advanced development
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Our preferred platform for database storage. Other database platforms can be supported. Please contact your contact person for more information.

Working method

All our developments are made using the Scrum method. This method ensures that our team can be flexible during the development process and at the same time work efficiently as a team on the same goal and facilitate quick (partial) deliveries.

Read more about scrum

This scrum method enables us to be transparent in our cost structure and to work within budgets.

Quality standard

Development is not just about achieving the desired functionality. Hardware load and clean-coding principles are part of our quality standard. Development is not an end station, but a flexible solution that can be extended towards the future.

We test all our developments internally, after which they are checked and debugged by a second programmer. Finally, technical documentation is written and added to all developments. By correctly documenting processes and workflows, we can transfer projects between programmers so that development can always take place and is no longer dependent on the availability of one individual. 

Our entire quality process is aimed at ensuring that the solutions we develop work correctly and are sustainable in the future.


Your data and your customers' data are safe

Web developments are expensive. Not just the coding itself, but often even more so the data available on web platforms. This makes them targets. Within Young-dogs, a special team is actively working on the security of our clients' data.

In addition to monitoring internal developments, this team also deals with repelling attacks on web servers and online platforms.

Data backup and recovery procedures are also an important part of security.


Web servers, websites and web platforms are constantly online. Wherever work is done, periodic maintenance is required. By including customers in our maintenance cycle, the Young-dogs Team is able to take preventive action to avoid problems.


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