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Scrum working method

Scrum & Sprint

We use the Scrum development method for all our projects. Our Scrum team works in sprint definitions that ensure on-time delivery and efficient communication. This scrum method enables us to be transparent in our cost structure and to work within budgets.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is the method we use to properly process complex and change-intensive projects. This method is widely used in the IT world, but also other projects can be helped with the Scrum methodology. 

Our Scrum approach takes into account the fact that definitions which were formed at the start of the project may change during the process of the project. Whether this is due to additional requirements or new developments. It is often impossible how to define beforehand all the details of the product to be developed. This requires an approach that allows room for adjustment within the process. By sharing ticket definitions with the client (product owner), the Scrum methodology enables us to respond flexibly (agile) to new developments and to inform every one withing the project of the development status and priorities.  

In this way, Scrum ensures that deliveries are made that match the current circumstances and the customer's wishes and stay within budget.

Do you have to deal with overburdened programmers who do not deliver (on time)? Call us and we will be happy to introduce you with Scrum.

The sprint

An important part of the Scrum method is the sprint. The goal of each sprint is to reach 'mini-milestones', in other words to deliver (mini) functionalities. The sprints are defined together with the client. A sprint can last 1 or 2 weeks. 

Together with the Scrum team, we make definitions, estimate how much time it will take us per item and what information we are still missing.  

Ultimately, a sprint consists of all the small, manageable tasks that are written in a backlog. This backlog drives the sprint and the planning. 

Thanks to our Jira Software package, we are able to inform our customers of the status throughout the process. Moreover, problems can be defined at any time.

Are you curious how Scrum planning can work with your project? Just contact us.

The team

Our scrum team consists of 6-8 people. Everyone has a task within the team. These can be: 

  • The Scrum Master - He/she is responsible for the proper understanding and application of Scrum and for solving obstacles. 

  • The product owner - He/she is responsible for maximizing the delivered value by providing the backlog with imput and gathering a lot of feedback from end-users and stakeholders. 

  • The development team - These are all the people who work together self-managing the items on the sprint backlog. This team includes various professionals. 

Do you want to get to know the persons behind the team? Check out our team here.

Scrum and challenges

Our team finds working with Scrum enjoyable and effective, but it also presents challenges. We will share the different handicaps with you below: 

Budget control 

Budgets give us financial stability. But they are at odds with the Scrum concept of flexible development. Customers often need this kind of grip, so that they know exactly what to expect at the end of the budget and the project. In development, it is not always possible to accurately estimate what the final costs will be.  

At the same time, we believe that it is the client himself who benefits from this. The software can always move with the dynamics of its latest adapted objectives. Our scrum method in cooperation with our transparent work registration leads to more efficient costs. 


Because incidents are discussed at team level before the start of a sprint, accurate time indications can be given and products are delivered on time. 

Giving a time forecast is difficult, especially in the initial phase. If the estimate is too tight, there is a risk that the sprint will be too full and therefore not feasible, although this is the expectation at the beginning of a sprint.  

Our experienced team is more and more capable to estimate how long a particular sprint will take. And with the help of our software libraries, many solutions can be completed on time. 

Scrum offers benefits for customer and developer

Scrum offers benefits for customer and developer 

This is what we offer to our customers: 

  • Always up to date with the status of tickets via our Jira project management system. 

  • Flexibility. Not an ordinary development? No problem: we will process it for you during the sprint. 

  • Stable and accurate developers who have room to keep their own schedule. 

  • Projects under control.

  • A team goal with a better final product. 

  • Efficiency in mutual communication, approach, and implementation. 

  • Faster access to test sites where partial or final versions can be checked for new functionalities. 

  • As a client, you always have a fixed contact person with a direct line to the Scrum team. 

For us, Scrum is a beneficial way of development for both you as a customer and for us the Young-dogs development-team. 

Do you have to deal with overburdened programmers who do not deliver (on time)? Call us and we will be happy to introduce you with Scrum.


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