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Our Headless Commerce framework implemented on Magento2 store. is a roller shutter seller and official distributor and e-seller. Developed using Headless commerce principals and React JS technology.

Headless Commerce Magento2 project. is a Dutch based e-seller using Lightr  We've developed their store using the latest LightrCommerce framework based on Headless commerce principal. React JS technology used and developed by Meta (Facebook). LightrCommerce browser rendering technology provides a light speed browsing and low server loads, this reduces significantly the time to load and provides better shopping experience.

On top of that, the fact that all the processes are taking place on users (shoppers) machine, using LightrCommerce technology alleviates the backend. This provides better backend performance and makes it faster for the staff. It results in saving precious seconds on daily tasks, which are very noticeable in order processing. 

The shutter market is quite complex, and Rolluikdirect had a special challenge for us. You would expect that the shutters should be standardized, but in most cases those are not. To solve this problem, we've created a full workflow with custom configurator for the customers to be able to simply get their dimensions and customize the order using the LightrCommerce configurator.

Once the customer have placed the order using Headless Commerce storefront, then it uses our internal workflow to send all the information automatically to the manufacturer. Thus, the process got simplified and automatic, which saves a lot of processing time and allows the customer to focus on other business needs.

This headless PWA eCommerce enviroment is connected though GrapghQL to a Multistore Magento 2 enviroment.

  • Install to Desktop or mobile
  • Offline shopping
  • and more...

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Headless Commerce Magento2 project

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