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Daproga LightrCommerce Headless Commerce

Young-Dogs implemented Headless Commerce framework on Magento 2 installation for internal use for veterinarian professionals. Daproga is a veterinary medicine seller based in Spain. Developed using multiple software packages, such as Headless commerce, SAGE ERP, Magento2 and React JS.

DAPROGA, a leading company in the distribution of veterinary drugs and products for pets and farm animals. Daproga distribute and market the products of the main brands in the sector, for which they have the most advanced facilities spread over a 300m2 commercial premises and a 1500m2 warehouse.

Daproga uses Sage ERP that is provided by Idesa s.l. They approached Young-Dogs team with the need of fast and reliable software package for their internal sales processing. Up until now they had to take orders by phone or with human labor. Idesa team had a connector that was build for Prestashop system and they needed experienced full-stack developers to help them improve their package and connect it to Magento2 environment. On top of that, one of the requirements was, that the system has to be fast and light. Perfect challenge for Young-Dogs team.

We, Young-Dogs, took this challenge heads on. We already had the Headless commerce development in progress, so we decided to implement Headless principle for this customer as well. This implied quite a few extra challenges for us. 

Daproga had some particular needs, that had to be developed and customized for their environment, such as:

  • Custom pricing. - Daproga is working with various customers and they use multiple price groups. We needed to develop a custom functionality in order to display correct information when the customer used LightrCommerce Headless solution.
  • Restrict access to Public - Most of the information is confidential and we needed to implement access restrictions. 
  • Custom Promotions - This was challenging... Daproga is using B2B promotions in order to provide the best price for their customers, those promotions had to be implemented into the Headless commerce and Magento2 backend. Some promotions are simple, eg. Buy 1, get 1 free, but others not.. e.g.: Every 4th item ordered, must have X price for Y customer group. And it went even deeper.. e.g.: Apply X discount if the date is between X-Y for the group that has purchase history higher than Z.
  • Custom API - Custom API was build to connect SAGE ERP with Magento2 and take advantage of Headless commerce frontend.

This project included a full workflow definition to connect Sage and Magento 2 using LightrCommerce Headless frontend. We've managed to provide a fast and reliable environment, that loads under 3 second and provides app like behavior with all the modern features, such as:

  • Install to Desktop or mobile
  • Offline shopping
  • and more...

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Daproga Headless Commerce Magento2

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