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Is your catalogue price rule condition not working on Magento and are you using bundle products? The cause is in the simple products that create the bundle product.

As Magento calculates the price of your bundle product dynamically, the price is not part of the normal catalogue. This won’t be any problem when you have a catalogue price rule applied to the whole Magento catalogue. But now the tricky part. When you select conditions such as the condition depending on the category and then apply a rule, Magento won’t give you the newly calculated price. The answer here is: Connect both your simple product and bundle product to the Catalogue that is part of the promotion price rule condition. Magento will now apply the rule on the simple product as it is part of the category that is stated in the condition. And your bundle product will pick up the dynamically calculated price. Ow and if you don’t want to show your simple products in the category? Just simply set the visibility to “not visible individually” or “search only”.


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