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Amazon EU Order Sync Module

Automatically sync between Amazon and Magento with the Amazon EU Order Sync Module for Magento 2, and save time!

Save time with the Amazon EU Order Sync Module for Magento 2

Most of our clients sell their products online. For example, through a Magento® store. More and more of these clients are also selling through Amazon. We also sell products online. And we have experienced that it is much more practical to have all the orders in one system. In this way, you get a better overview of your sales and stock. As a result, you will have less administration.

What are the benefits of an automated sync between Amazon and Magento?

Order handling as usual
The order will be handled from your Magento backend. Therefor, the order handling process is completely the same as for a normal Magento order. Instead of copying and pasting all the details from Amazon into Magento to be able to print a label, you can just print your labels from your Magento store.

Stock up to date
When you sync an order from Amazon to your Magento store, the stock updates as well. Say goodbye to keeping track of your stock, both in Amazon and Magento.

Custom shipping methods
In the configuration, the shipping methods can be set. As a result, the shipping department knows how to ship the order, when to ship an order and to whom.

Order data process standardized
Standardization is the key. Because your client’s data is available and processed, just like a usual order made through your web store. You save time and money!

Automatically invoice
Amazon is a great way to sell your products online. But when you own a Magento store, you do come across some invoicing issues. By syncing your orders, you can send an invoice automatically from the system in the same layout you would normally send out an invoice. This including the correct product descriptions, prices and VAT, if applicable.

Connect Amazon Marketplace Web Services to Magento
How does it work? To be able to implement this module, you will need to have an Amazon Seller Account connected to Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS). With the MWS keys, the installation process can be started. If you have not yet started selling through Amazon, we will be happy to help you to get started.

About Young-dogs
We advise on online marketing strategies. Including Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Google Ads and Facebook. We also help you with web store development, Magento module development, online support, updates, and Magento training.

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Amazon EU Order Sync Module
Automatically sync between Amazon and Magento with the Amazon EU Order Sync Module for Magento 2, and save time!
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