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Shopify Saas vs Magento Open Source self-owned

Read how we made the discission between SaaS and Open source in 2022. Because there is a lot to take into account.

Process - Farmacia en casa online

In 2022 Young-dogs eCommerce services replatformed to Magento 2 Open Source community edition. With this project now successfully launched we’d like to share with you our decision-making process in order to Choose the right platform. Is your business in a similar situation and do you need to make that important descission on how to thrive your business? Her is what we encountered,.

First we listed all specific features required to this project such as:

  • Product specific promotions
    The site can offer a promotion. Buy x amount of 1 product and get another product for reduced price or free. This process is automatically added to the cart or in case of multiple valid promotions the front-end user can select one.
  • Customer loyalty program
    Magento 2 was extended with a rewards points system stored per client which can be used for payment. This feature is part of the business formula and therefor needed a seamless integration and movement from the old platform
  • Fast brand navigation
    The website works together with a approximately 250 brands. Each of them with its own users. In order to create a good user experience for all the different users a specific automated navigation structure was implemented.
  • And many other more standard features.

Second we were able to make a battle card between platforms and a costs per functionality were calculated. In this case the Saas solution came way up because of the recurring costs and the cost per sale. On top of that we encountered that the project needed more characteristics which Saas cannot offer like;

  • Flexibility and Customizability
    This project required the possibility to benefit a greater flexibility and customizability of Open Source, as we had to fit a specific business need. Young-dogs tailored the Magento 2 platform and expanded it with the unique business requirements. This we could not have don on a SaaS platform.
  • Cost
    The Magento 2 setup might initially have a greater investment, but specially on the long run, as you only need to pay for the initial development costs and ongoing maintenance, rather than monthly subscription fees and cost per transaction.
  • Control
    The data inside Magento 2 open source gives this project complete control over the platform and data, which is important for security and compliance reasons for the EU and Spanish law.
  • Property of your business
    As the Magento installation and configuration is tailored to your business needs the intellect and property is self-owned it reflexes on your business balance sheets. Giving your business much more credibility then a Saas cost based solution.
  • Data Ownership:
    The Magento 2 open-Source e-commerce solutions make sure that the Business owns and controls the data. Makes it an asset on the balance instead of a cost per month. They can export it at any time to any other platform and are not limited like the Shopify Plus platform.

We are confident that the business of is now secured for the future with a tailormade Open Source solution.

Do you think that these reasons also apply to your business then book an appointment and  open a free consult.

If you feel the contrasy and is your business model more SAAS oriented, then have a look at our BigCommerce Solution and ask for a demo.

Also a project like this one?

Drop us a line, we are here to listen to your challenges. Let´s make success.

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