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Quotation Module

One way of increasing your sales, is offering your customers a quote before they proceed with their purchase.

Save time and increase your sales! One of our customers presented us with the following problem. ´It takes me a lot of time to send my customers a customized proposal, while I already have all the products in my Magento store! Can you fix this problem?´ The development process for this module started with analysing the current workflow. We concluded that our client was wasting his time processing custom made proposals. We could shorten his workflow so that if he used his Magento store to create quotations he would save a lot of time and he could skip; 1. Cut and paste specific product into a Word document, including the descriptions.
2. Determination of the product pricing.
3. Writing an email and pdf document with the proposal.
4. Log the proposal into a separate registration system.
5. Follow up on sales.
6. Converting proposal into order.
7. Process payment of an order. All this lost time results in missing the momentum in sales. As sales responsible you want to close the deal when it’s hot. The Magento database offers a perfect environment to create Order Quotation Module. All the products and their description are together. Instead of processing an order you process a quotation. After the customer accepts the proposal, by paying the amount, the procedure can be continued with the natural workflow of the order. Spending hours on typing a customized proposal is history. The main functionalities of this module are;

  • Create, manage and edit quotations
  • Customize pricing of products
  • Use Magento catalogue promotion pricing rules
  • Offer online payment of the quotation

We are happy to have been able to help out our client and we have decided to offer this solution to all you Magento users. Stop wasting time doing all that duplicate work and increase your sales with our new quotation module for Magento.

Also a project like this one?

Drop us a line, we are here to listen to your challenges. Let´s make success.

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