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AGB Module

Avoid hassle with German Law regulations!

If you want to use Magento as your online selling platform towards German end-users, you will need to adapt your Magento. German law regulations dictate that you have to send the Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB, or general conditions) and the Wiederrufsbelehrung (return policies) before you send your customer the order that was made. This requires a special module for Magento in order to get this working. Sending the AGB and the Wiederruffsbelehrung needs to be done by email towards the customer´s email address, always before the order overview is sent, to be able to comply with the German Law regulations. In order to get AGB working inside Magento you will need to install the AGB Magento plugin and configure it by;

  • Uploading your PDFs containing the PDF script.
    A good module lets you set the amount of PDFs you want to send yourself.
  • Create you Transactional email.
    The transactional email that comes with the PDF´s should be completely customizable so you can adapt it to your store view output.
  • Configure your Store view settings.

Set your AGB setting per store view so you can send the corresponding PDF with general conditions by using the Magento default mailing system. We would not be Magento developers, if we could not create this module. So we did! We created a module especially for German webstores that sell products to German customers. Thanks to its adaptability it could also be used in other occasions since you can choose any PDF file. For example from the German store view you send the AGB´s to your customers and from the English store view the General conditions. Other examples include a newsletter, a price overview or a thankyou letter with a coupon code.

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