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Headless PWA Stores

Get sales lift-off with the next generation Headless PWA webstores

Taking stores to the next level with a Rocksolid and low maintenance React based solution.


Compatible with Sage, Magento 2, Prestashop and Shopify.

What is headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce is a development in which the product catalogue, stock and order management environment are "headless". Separated from the webshop / ERP software used by customers.

Benefits of Headless

Headless development has great advantages over traditional platforms. Namely:

  • Development speed.

  • Stability

  • Performance & data efficiency

  • Fast checkout

  • Link with eCommerce or ERP system

  • Security

Headless Stability

Downtime costs webshop entrepreneurs a lot of money. The 'headless-approach' ensures that the visitors' area and the management environment are completely separated.

Order processing actions by administrators therefore no longer have any impact on the front end of the webshop. Also, large database loads such as reports or backups no longer affect the performance of the headless webshop.

Headless Performance

The headless developments of Young-dogs are coded with the Full PWA principle, based on React coding. The result is a native App experience for visitors and customers of the webshops. And smooth navigation between pages with transitions. In no way comparable with traditional web developments.

The PWA technology ensures that data traffic between server and user is minimal and product information is stored on the visitor's device. Technologies aimed at increasing conversion and lowering bounce rates.

Up to 70% faster development

Thanks to the headless approach, our products are delivered faster. With lower development costs as a result.

The development of a headless eCommerce environment has an average lead time of 2 months. While a traditional eCommerce platform development takes 4-8 months.

Fast payments

The headless environment developed by Young-dogs is a full PWA development. This means that web pages are dynamically loaded from the PWA application. This has great advantages in fixed layout and graphic parts of the website. The shopping cart is part of this.

The performance and experience for the visitor, when in the shopping cart, is of a completely different class than traditional webshops and platforms. The PWA coding in combination with the React framework results in super-fast application response times and ensures high conversions.

Link with existing eCommerce, ERP or PIM

The big advantage of Headless. You can link it directly with ERP or other existing web environments. This means that expensive connections or adjustments to the management environment are no longer necessary. Our headless environments can be linked to any platform that supports REST API or GraphQL.

Because not all ERP or webshop platforms are made to manage all content and functionalities of our Headless eCommerce environment, you can choose to use our powerful middleware solution. This allows order, catalogue, and stock management to be maintained in your existing web environment. A great advantage which avoids trainingcosts and expensive replacement of existing functionalities.

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Typo3 platform - Our team has updated the system to the latest Typo3 version.

Headless Security

An ever-growing problem for Open Source-based webshops is security. This is because webshops do not upgrade immediately after the release of a new version. Because both backend and front-end need to be updated simultaneously, security and maintenance are a cost factor for webshop owners. This is partly due to reputation and revenue damage, when webshops are hacked or confronted with Ransomware.

The headless approach offers advantages here. The headless technology based on NodeJS and React is much less sensitive to attacks. Upgrades can be made quickly because of the 'backwards compatibility' principle whereby existing code is also suitable for future versions. Something that is not the case for PHP-based platforms, for example.

Also, the PWA technology in combination with the graphQL connections ensure optimal protection of customer data, protection against hacks in the checkout and the headless system can recover from a ransomware attack on a server within a few clicks.

"Low code" compatible

Our headless solutions are extremely suitable for linking to 'low code' environments. Think of Creatio, Mendix or other fast-growing solutions. Because of the API data feed, it is easy to link a webshop with all its functionalities.

Young-dogs creates fast and modern eCommerce environments that are future-proof.

Headless PWA & the future

We have made headless PWA development a key stone within our development programm. We believe that by generating API driven systems will be more sustainable and more easy to develop. It is a big change compared to traditional eCommerce and web systems.

Thanks to the ReactJS framework we are able to keep developments running for a longer time and with a much higher stability.

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Danone Typo3 Intranet - is company buisness relationship, requiting and announcements platform.

Typo3 platform - Our team has updated the system to the latest Typo3 version.

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