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  • Get your International Search Engine strategy right!


    To search in Magento stores is a bit straight forward. The “like” and “contain” function available in the default Magento search solution give you results, but what are you going to do if there is only one result to show. There is no reason to give multiple options or a list view with just one option and hoping that the client will click the “view detail” button. So it’s time to take out that annoying and unnecessary click. Extending your Magento store with a small overwrite on the Magento search functionality can be done by implementing the small module for Magento.

    Thanks to this plugin, customers arrive quicker where they want to be and it is more likely they will buy the product. It is particularly practical if your Magento store offers a lot of unique products, so that your customers go straight to the product they were looking for. Because it is such as small plugin, it is a great solution for any Magento store. Its main functionality is that it redirects the customer directly to the product when there is only one search result, instead of redirecting to a list with only one product. This tiny but smart solution is now for sale in our Magento store. It comes with a 3 months free update service.