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Elasticsearch for Typo3 / Magento

powered by Young-dogs

  • Provides 3x-4x time faster search results
  • Better web system performance
  • Better sales and faster managment results

Elastic Search

What is Elasticsearch Service?
Elasticsearch offered by Young-dogs team is a fully managed service that will increase significally the search result delivery to your end customers. Using the Elasticsearch out of the box will provide positive results from the start. The services is hasle free for the customer. Young-Dogs team will prepare the hardware and software for it to work correctly with your system. 

The system will be prepared with Scalability in mind, so when the times comes, your store will be ready for growth. 

Young-Dogs will make sure to maintain the software and hardware up-to-date, keep backups in case something goes wrong. Apart from hardware, your team will monitor the performance, offer insights and recommendations how to improve based on the data.

Flexibility and ease of use
Our experienced Typo3/Magento certified developers have prepared various solutions for you to pick from. If you have any difficulties to decide what you need or how to get your system going, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.

Simplified integration - Small & Mid-Sized stores.
This solution has been tailored for common stores, that already have a system and is on the lookout for performance and result driven improvements. We would implement the software in your enviroment and configure it to work correctly using the best industry practices.

Special cases - Mid-sized and Big stores.
This solution is for the Medium/Big companies, that already have a complex infrastructure, with different workloads, content types, product types, customer flows etc. The setup in this case would require a detailed definition of the long term goals, in depth system analysis and the service would be tweaked to achieve the best results


Service compatible with Redis. Please contact for combined pricing planes.
for TYPO3
Young-dogs Elasticsearch Server
Installation & setup
48hrs SLA
up to 1GB of storage
€ 150,- inital
€ 50/m*
for Magento 1
Young-dogs Elasticsearch Server
Installation & setup
48hrs SLA
up to 2GB of storage
€ 150,- inital
€ 95/m*
for Magento 2
Young-dogs Elasticsearch Server
Installation & setup
48hrs SLA
up to 4GB of storage
€ 150,- inital
€ 180/m*
Dedicated Elasticsearch
Installation service
Server maintanence
24hrs SLA
CDN support

Elasticsearch Features

Data insights
Data Manipulation
Fully managed


Drop us a line, we are here to listen
to your challenges. We’ll make it into a success.

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